Introducing Kurdistan Cement Company

Kurdistan Cement Company was established as the largest industrial unit in Kurdistan province in 1996, following the idea of eliminating deprivations and creating sustainable employment in the region, and as one of the active cement companies in the west of the country, in line with maintaining and protecting the natural resources and improving energy consumption with the technology of multi-chamber complex, it has reached to the nominal production capacity of 6000 tons per day. Currently, the production of custom-made cements with multi-chamber silo technology, and by using separate grinding, is a unique method in the Middle East that is at Kurdistan Cement Company’s disposal. By owning this technology, the company can produce 27 different types of products with high quality which comply with EN European standards.p>

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to achieve sustainable development and contribute to the development of the country by using knowledge-based investment management, effective customer relationship management, innovation and development of the products and services, and using modern knowledge and technology, so we are committed to produce and supply different types of mixed and special cements with excellent quality and higher than the standards, and while maintaining and expanding our domestic market share in the western and northwestern regions of Iran, we have a reputable and enduring presence in the export markets of our western neighbors.

The Kurdistan Cement Factory

To maintain, expand and develop the market as well as customer orientation, and decrease the fluctuations in the quality of the products, Kurdistan Cement Company launched the department of the development plan (which includes the roller cement mill and the construction of the multi-chamber silo). The designer of this technology is the IBAU Company that has designed and launched projects similar to the silo of Kurdistan, but in different dimensions, in Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria, Argentina and France since 2000. By using the technology of multi-chamber silo and producing cement by separate grinding method, the needs of different industries for consuming specialty and custom-made cement can be met. Kurdistan Cement Company can produce and deliver the desired products according to the EN European standards and according to the nature of different projects, the customers’ orders and the requested technical specifications.

Senior Managers
Kurdistan Cement Company

Reza Nikpour
Managing Director
Alireza Hemmati

Factory Manager
Amir Ahmad Nejad
commercial manager
Mohammad Haghshenas
Director of Administration
Masoud Ghaempanah
Sales Manager
Hossein Veisi
financial manager

Board of Directors
Kurdistan Cement Company

Dariush Shojaei
Chairman of the Board
Mahdi Hante
Vice Chairman of the Board
Mahdi Sharifi Boroujerdi
Member of the Board
Reza Nikpour
Member of the Board
Mohammad Firouzi
Member of the Board

Former CEOs
Kurdistan Cement Company

Mahmoud Qaeli

Mahmoud Shokri

Hossein Ebrahimi


Ali Mohmmad Parsaie


Valiollah akhlaghi fard


Farhang Sabeti


From the Past to the Present...

The History of Kurdistan Cement Company since 1973 until now

  • 1973

    Studies about Kurdistan Cement Company 

    Since 1973, some studies began in Kurdistan province to establish a cement company.

  • 1977-1978

    The Construction of the Cement factory

    In 1977 and 1978, the Industrial and Mining Development Bank conducted some studies in collaboration with a British company and an area in the county of Divandarreh was selected for the construction of a factory, and in 1981, the Industry and Mining Bank established the Kurdistan cement company.

  • 1986

    Registration of the Company

     In 1986, the Ministry of Industry, in order follow up the project, with the participation of Sepahan cement, Sufian Cement, and North Cement Companies, established a company named “Divandarreh of Kurdistan Cement Company (Private Equity)” with one billion Rials of finance which was registered in 1986/8/24 with the registration number of 614140.

  • 1987

    Changing the Location and the Name of the Company

    In 1987, 70% of the stock of the company was transferred to “Ehdas Sanaat” company. In 1989, based on the decision of the General Assembly of Shareholders, the name of the company was changed to “Kurdistan Cement Company (Private Equity)”. Due to the mentioned changes, the location of the project was moved from the county of Divandarreh, to the 5th km of Takab road in the county of Bijar (current location of the factory) and the executive operations for its construction began.

  • 1992-1993

    Launching the Production Line with Foreign Machinery

    From early 1992, the construction operations of the production line began through the conclusion of a contract for the construction of a domestic share and clearance and transportation of foreign machinery with almost 42 million dollars of worth from customs, and continued strongly until 1993.

  • 1996

    Operation of the Factory

    The factory was put into operation on July 7, 1996.

  • 1999

    Changing the Company to Public Stock

    In 1999, the type of the company was changed into public stock. In 2003, the shares of Ehdas Sanaat Company were transferred to Ghadir Investment Company.

  • 2006

    Increasing the Capacity of Production to 3200 Tons of Clinkers

    In 1996, the Kurdistan Cement Company with a nominal capacity of 2300 tons of clinkers per day, was put into operation, and in 2006, with operating the project of the capacity increase, it reached the capacity of 3200 tons of clinkers per day.

  • 2015

    Increasing the Capacity of Production to 6000 Tons of Clinkers per Day

    In 2015, with the operation of a multi-chamber silo and roller mill, the nominal capacity of cement production reached 6000 tons per day.


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