Portland Composite Cement

Portland Composite Cement -

Composite Portland cement is a type of hydraulic cement that hardens due to its combination with water and hydration reaction. This type of cement is made from a combination of hydraulic lime and clay and plays a very important role in the construction industry.

prohibited usage :

  • Use with caution in cold and frosty weather.
  • For works such as facade and tiling, after type cement is the second priority.

Properties of Composite Portland Cement:

  • More sealing, more efficiency
  • High ultimate resistance
  • Better workability, flow and more pumping capability
  • Less water demand
  • Reduce dandruff on concrete
  • Better adhesion between concrete and rebar components
  • Maintain and retain more water in the cement paste
  • Better resistance to chemical agents, especially sulfates in seawater due to lower permeability

Product specifications table

4000 (Cm2 / g)

Initial setting time
220 (Min.)

Final setting time
285 (Min.)

Autoclave expansion
-0.005 %

compressive strength (7days)
210 (kg/cm2)

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